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  • By : Melisa
  • April 15, 2019

Chapter 9 – Meeting Pow Wow – July 21, 2004

Nancy and I met shortly after for a reading. She burned sage, created sacred space and took out her crystals. She started by looking out into space saying that there was a thickening of the air.

This is the  transcript of the reading:

Reading on July 21, 2004

With  Nancy Meryl

There is a guardian angel,  one that is with you all the time.  He is a male and a female. (Nancy is surprised since most souls that come through have their gender clearly defined). Your guardian angel is a combo of the two sexes….someone very spiritual.  It reminds me of an archetype from Greek Mythology.

Your guardian angel surrounds you and protects you.  Nancy turns to me and says, “You do know your Spirit Guide don’t you!”  (It was posed as a questions but also as an affirmation.)

Your connection to this guardian angel spirit guide goes back 5 life times ago.  

He is smoking a pipe. Nancy says, “ I smell a pipe, like tobacco.  He is Native American. There is a strong smell of tobacco (for Nancy only)”.  She again emphasizes that he is my guardian angel.

There is a female present.  She is above me, therefore she is a grandmother.

She then said “a different line or race of people surround me.”  She sees me in braids and moccasins. There is a sister from these people that  is part of my guardian angel.

Nancy smells incense.  There is lighting of incense.  She then says that my spirit guide is saying something about a Pow Wow.  Nancy then turns to me and asks me “What is a Pow Wow? Does that make sense?  Ceremony”? She then says that ‘Pow Wow’ should be a validation. She repeats it several times.  Then she says that my spirit guide insists that Pow Wow validates him. Remember that. (We decided later on to call my guardian angel spirit guide Pow Wow. So going forward I will refer to him as Pow Wow).

There is a grandmother present.  She is from my female side, in other words from my mom.  She is very special. Very soft spoken yet very direct but soft.  She is around me all the time. Her connection to me goes back to a very long time ago.

Nancy says something about Spirit People.  There is a confusion about grandmothers burial, something about who she ended up being in a burial with.  In her culture, how she was buried was important, a big deal and it meant a lot to her. But she is ok with it now.  Again, she says there was a lot of confusion surrounding her burial.

She then sees Pow Wow again.  Pow Wow is sitting with legs crossed with a pipe and there is a smell of smoke.  He is a very serious character, not a lot of humor. Then Pow Wow says something about a rabbit.  Maybe it is an ear or a tail, Nancy does not know. I should write it down because it will serve as a validation.

Nancy then sees a fan. The fan doesn’t stop, it goes on and on.  It is drenching boiling hot. There are white clear curtains that are blowing in the breeze and it is hot and sweaty. Pow Wow then held up an aloe plant. Nancy turns to me and says “what is an aloe plant?”  She then says that he is breaking it and showing an ooze. He keeps holding up the Aloe plant…it is very significant.. I ask her if it is being shown for health or spiritual reasons and she said it has spiritual meaning.  She then proceeded to describe the plant…it is very very green and has no flowers and pointy long leaves.

Nancy then says to me,  “I don’t want to get personal but,  Pow Wow is showing me a flat paper and then something like tobacco.  He is rolling it”. She repeats it….he is rolling it and showing it to Nancy.

Nancy asks me if green and white aura validates anything.  He then says that it will be a validation. He then shows Nancy water and a powder that he is taking out of a dish.  It’s a ritual that I can use. It is sweet like sugar and can be used on my palms and helps with smoke. Then she starts to talk about how Pow Wow is  guiding and protecting me.

He  is very sophisticated, confident and well defined.  Very nice looking. (Pow Wow gets a kick out of it).

I ask Nancy,  “How can I connect with Pow Wow?”  He responded that I can connect with him through deep, deep meditation, perhaps hypnosis.

Then he is showing Nancy white moccasins with red beads.  He is holding them up. Nancy is supposed to get moccasins for me and for her.  When asked what is the significance of the moccasins he says and Nancy tells me to write it down,  it is a quote:

“It’s not your time to learn this, but you will learn.  You are to wear the white moccasins with the red tie. When you wear this you will become powerful (this part I got wrong, it was much more involved and I couldn’t keep up with it).  This in essence will create in your development a strong understanding of the eternal.” _______________________________________

When Nancy came out of the trance, she said that this was the very first experience she had with a Spirit Guide.  


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