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  • By : Melisa
  • April 9, 2019

Chapter 8 – Meeting Nancy Meryl  (2004)

It was the fall of 1999, Danielle was starting first grade at E.M. Baker School in Great Neck and David was going to pre-school in the Great Neck Montessori. Danielle was at least 9 months younger than the rest of the kids at school and I wanted to get her a tutor to help her get ahead in reading and comprehension.

While dropping David off at the Montessori, I saw a flyer with a tutors name.  Perfect I thought. Before I knew it, Danielle was Nancy’s student. She loved Nancy. Nancy had this philosophy that reading and writing can be fun.  Her teaching style was unique but exactly what Danielle needed since she needed play to be part of how she learned.

After a year of private tutoring, Danielle no longer needed to see Nancy and we stopped her lessons. Fast forward four years later (2004), David was in Third Grade and I felt he could use some help getting ahead in reading, writing and comprehension. So I called Nancy, and we met once again to start David.  This time Nancy was on the phone when I arrived. She waved me into the room. While I waited for her to get off the phone, I started looking at the books she had on the shelf.

One particular book caught my eye. “My Life As A Seer”, by Edgar Cayce. I was so surprised. Edgar Cayce is one of my favorite people.  I had read so many books about him. Something resonates so deeply about this man and his work that I was sure I must have worked with him in a past life. When Nancy got off the phone,  I said, “So, Edgar Cayce? You know about him?”

Her eyes narrowed and she looked at me with disbelief. “Why?”, she said, “are you familiar with his work”?

“Absolutely!”, I said. “I love his work”.

This was the start of an amazing friendship. Nancy and I are very close friends and we have had numerous adventures together since.

The next time I brought David, Nancy told me what was happening to her. She knew since she was a little girl that she was a medium, that she could speak with those who have crossed over. But, out of the need for survival, she blocked the gift. That is, up until now. She told me that one day she was in her kitchen and a high school friend of hers popped up. He had committed suicide and wanted Nancy to call his mother to explain and to apologize.  Nancy told him to go away. That she couldn’t and wouldn’t make the call. Finally, after harassing Nancy non-stop and wearing her down, she decided to make the call.

What she thought would be a total disaster, ended up being very healing for the mom. He was able to tell her that he was very sick and the reasons behind his decision to leave the physical world. What made this so healing for the mom were the validations Nancy was giving her that the person she was talking to was without question her son. He was also able to tell her how much he loved her and this helped her with the grieving process. For Nancy, this was the start of a new chapter of her life as a psychic medium.

After sharing this with me, I showed interest in a reading. Although I didn’t have anyone close to me who passed away, kenahora, I thought it would be fun. Nancy agreed but before meeting for the reading, she wanted us to go to dinner. She told me that she had a Ouija board, and that she will bring it with her when we meet.

We met about three weeks later at a nearby restaurant. I knew the owner and thought it would be less intrusive to take out a board game if the people who worked there knew me. So, after eating, we pulled out the board game and placed our fingers on the planchette. Nancy and I decided not ask questions and just feel the energy of the board. I was looking mostly down at the board but once in while I looked up to check on Nancy. I was feeling this intense energy on my fingertips and the planchette started to move. The curious thing was that the energy was getting more and more intense. Rising and rising and rising. I looked up at Nancy and I saw what I thought was fear. The energy got so intense that we both simultaneously screamed at the top of our lungs and stood up and away from our chairs with this look of perplexity and horror on our faces. Nancy said, “What the f___ was that?”  Needless to say, we both gathered ourselves and went home.

Nancy called her mentor and he told her to toss the board game. The game can definitely call in all kinds of energy because there isn’t a protocol put in place to protect people from creating an opening for something negative to come through. He advised her to buy instead the Psychic Circle and make sure she creates sacred space before using it. This was a great lesson for me.  I learned early on how important it is to sanctify the space you are working in.

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