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  • By : Melisa
  • April 9, 2019

Chapter 6 – The Sasquatch Story (Continued) (1993)

In October of 1993, we moved to Syosset, NY.  My daughter, Danielle, was only a year old. At the time, I was working in our family business, lingerie manufacturing. Our daily routine was that my husband would wake up first and take a shower.  I would follow shortly after.

One morning I was slowly waking up by what seemed to be my husband making love to me.  It was so not like him but I was so turned on that I didn’t give it another thought. Then as my senses started to wake up, I could hear the shower going. Then it dawned on me that if he was in the shower …. “Holy shit! Who is making love to me?”  I struggled to fully wake up but it felt like someone was holding me tight and I lost complete control of my body and my voice.

Finally, I was able to break free of the grip and yelled. My husband was still in the shower and didn’t hear me but I sat up so frightened that I didn’t know what to do. When he finally came out, I shared what happened but even to me it sounded crazy. The light of day made everything ok again and I tried to explain it away as something else.

The next morning it happened again. This time I was in the middle of a dream. In the dream, I relived the scene of the night before but this time I couldn’t get control of my body.  I was paralyzed. So I started to drag myself across the room trying to free myself and get help. In this terrifying moment, I woke up. Again, I couldn’t move. The dream of being immobilized, continued into the few seconds after where I was trying to wake up. I was in terror.  What was happening? I don’t understand.

After showering and getting dressed for the day, I remembered that mom had returned from Israel and bought a whole bunch of evil eye charms and told me to put them in Danielle’s clothing drawers.  I went into her drawer and found one. I decided to wear one as protection. It couldn’t hurt. So I went back into my bedroom and started to look for a silver chain in order to wear the charm. All I could find was the chain that had the Sasquatch charm hanging from it.  I looked at the Sasquatch charm and wondered how long it’s been since I wore it or even remembered I had it. I removed the charm and placed the evil eye charm on the chain. My thought was that if I wore it I could hopefully prevent what was happening.

Later that day, I’m at my desk at work. Suddenly, the evil eye charm falls of the silver chain. I’m startled. My first thought is that the charm must have a slight opening. I look at it carefully and find that there is no opening on the charms’ metal loop that slips onto the chain. I try not to read into it. I just put the charm back on the chain.

So this started an interesting dance. I placed the charm on the chain and before the day was out, the charm would fall.  I was having some fun with this on one hand but interestingly spooked on another. So, my partner Burt Singer walks into my office and overheard my conversation with my assistant. He looked curious so I explained how my lovely charm keeps falling off the chain.  He laughs at me and says that I’m crazy. Now if you know Burt, he is super intelligent, practical and very analytical. Before he leaves, right in front of him, the charm falls off. He goes, “Aha! Now we will figure out the mystery. Don’t move!” He marked the precise point that the charm was sitting on the chain, picked up the charm from the floor and ran off to his office.  He mumbled how full of shit we all are and that he was going to explain the mystery to all of us.

About a half hour went by. I was busy with other things at my desk when he came storming into my office.  He slammed the chain and the charm on my desk. Looked at me intently and pointed his index finger to my face. “Stay away from me! I mean it Mel. STAY AWAY FROM ME!” And with this, he stomped out of my office.

Apparently, he couldn’t find an explanation for why the charm kept falling out. At some point, I gave up and put the charm back in Danielle’s drawer and replaced the Sasquatch charm on the chain. I never figured out why this happened and I was trying not to go into imagination. All I know is that whatever was happening to me in the mornings, stopped all together.  That was all that mattered.


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