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  • By : Melisa
  • July 26, 2019

Chapter 27 – Meeting Dolores Cannon – (2009)

For years I have been fascinated with prophesy. Some of the people I read were Edgar Cayce, The Mayan Calendar, The Hopi Prophecies, Gordon Michael Scallion, Chief Arvol Looking Horse and of course Nostradamus.

I found a book called Conversations With Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon. The premise of the book fascinated me. Dolores Cannon was the wife of an officer in the armed forces and lived on an Army Base. She was trained as a hypnotist and was hoping to offer her services to the people that lived on the base.

Her husband was in a terrible accident forcing her to work full time on the hypnosis. The usual client came for weight loss, addiction problems, sleep deprivation, and the typical reasons why people would come to see a hypnotist.

Something unusual started to happen in her sessions. Her clients were going to past lives. Being very curious, she allowed the client to take her wherever they wanted to with her serving as the guide. She would always ask a lot of questions.

Then one day, one of her clients goes very deep in her session. She goes into a somnambulistic state. While in this deep trance, she tells Dolores how she is dressed in a hooded coat and quietly making her way to a secret meeting in the cobblestone streets of a small town in France in the mid-1500’s.
What she came to know by asking her many questions, is that her client was going to a mystical meeting that at that time had to be very hushed and secretive due to the Inquisition. The person she was going to meet was Nostradamus. Long story short, eventually, Dolores and Nostradamus found a way of communicating through this client and they started the hard work of deciphering the Quatrains.

Shortly after reading her book, I heard she was coming to talk at the Eyes Of Learning in Levittown, NY. After listening to her talk, I approached her at the book signing section of the lecture and asked her if she would teach me how to do the hypnosis sessions. She asked me if I was already certified as a hypnotist, of which I said no. She told me to go out and become certified and then she would teach me.

This led to my certification in Heart Centered Hypnosis in December of 2010. Then life took over. I kept doing the Heart Centered Hypnosis and taught Aikido in many of the nursery and after school programs in Long Island.

It wasn’t until I started to work with my friend Naz that I realized there was something special and different about my sessions, which led me back to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. QHHT is the teaching and legacy that Dolores Cannon left for us, in addition to the many books she has written.

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  • Hypnosis Session:
    Price: USD 200

    “Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a powerful, safe, and effective method of hypnosis that focuses on obtaining unlimited information from the Subconscious (Higher Self).” (Initial Session – 2 hrs.)

    “Heart-Centered Hypnosis (HCH) is an effective treatment model that address mind, body, and spirit. HCH leads clients down their own profound exciting road to self-discovery.” (Initial Session – 2 hrs.)

  • Quantum Reiki
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    After bringing the client into a deep state of meditation, we contact the clients’ Higher Self.  Then with the permission of the HS, the Reiki healing begins. (1 hr. session)

  • Past Life Regression
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    Our soul has journeyed many life times. During a session, you will journey to the most relevant past life that can shed light on what is playing out in your life now. (1.5 hr. session)

  • Private Meditation
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    The session will be custom designed to your needs. The session can target specific goals you have, can cover different techniques or just facilitate your entry into stillness. (1 hr. session)

  • Group Meditation
    Price: USD 20

    We start by calling in the four directions, creating sacred space and calling in higher divine energy. The direction of the meditation depends on the group dynamic. Shamanic Journeying & Visualization. (1 hr. session)

  • QHHT/Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Follow Up Session:
    Price: USD 100

    This session is for clients that have follow up questions or want to work with other aspects of their lives. (1 hr. session)

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