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  • By : Melisa
  • April 29, 2019

Chapter 19 – World Peace & Prayer Day Ceremony: Charco Azul, Guavate, Puerto Rico (June 21, 2008)

The day finally came.  Me and a group of friends were staying at the farm, La Piedra. Although I gave myself over an hour to get to the ceremony, I didn’t realize how far Guavate was from Cayey.  The roads were very curvy, making one of my guest severely nauseous. She kept asking for us to slow down but we were almost at a crawl.

When we finally arrived, we had no idea how to get to the site. This man was unpacking his vehicle so we asked him if he knew where the waterfall was located. He pointed me in the right direction.  I thanked him and introduced myself. He said in Spanish, “Nice meeting you. My name is Cosmo. If you like, you can follow me and my family. We are on the way there now.” I couldn’t help but smile at the name and felt it was a good sign. So, my people followed his people.

As soon as we arrived,  I was asked to speak. Several days before,  I wrestled with the thought, not sure of what to say,  and realizing that having to speak in Spanish only added to my anxiety.  I was asked to speak of Chief Arvol Looking Horse and his vision of hope…the hope that we as men and women can make the difference…that we can change the direction of the world…and of human consciousness.   

Part of the message that needed to be expressed was the need for us an individuals to find harmony.  To become vehicles of change for the world at large, we need to evolve ourselves….the Work starts in us…from within.  

Prior to arriving in the island, I had a vision of a circle of men and woman, awake and connected to celestial forces, in complete harmony and in a state of love. The amazing part is the miracle that everyone there seemed to me completely present and in touch with the miraculous. One member of the circle approached me after and said to me, “We were all present in the ‘no mind’”.  Yes, we were. As for me, I was high as a kite. And no, I did not drink or take psychedelics, it was purely on the refined energy of the gathering. This beautiful state of grace lasted for almost a month after the ceremony.

The Sacred Circle honored me in such beautiful and unexpected ways.  For me it was a humbling experience. To this day, as I write these words, I can’t quite find the words to express the beauty of the ceremony and the immense Love and camaraderie we felt as a group.  They were my Brothers and Sisters, in the larger sense of the word. We were all on the path… the journey on the red road, seekers all.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Leo,  who led the ceremony, took me aside to have a chat. Until this moment, I am perplexed by the circumstances or the cause and effect that brought this about, but at the same time there is an inner knowing, a deep awareness of my spiritual and past life connection to my Ancestors. At the time he was talking to me, his words were so clear, there was no confusion, just words filled with wisdom and beauty. He told me that we have walked with the Ancestors before and that he was guided to designate me as an Elder of the Sacred Circle of Borike.  The Ancestors named me Mariposa De Flor En Flor. This means Butterfly From Flower to Flower. As the realization sunk in, I asked Leo what it meant to be an Elder. He smiled at me and said that I should continue doing what I was doing wherever I went.

This was a very important day for me. I needed this tap on the shoulder to start to honor and believe in myself. The Ancestors confirmed for me what I needed to know in order to help me be of further service to others, to reassure me that I was being guided and to give me the courage to speak out.


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