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  • By : Melisa
  • April 19, 2019

Chapter 11 – Launching Clever Tutor & Finding My Grave – 2006

As I hung up the phone,  I realized that I must sound really nuts.  I shook my head and tried not to think. Thinking would lead to rationalizing and if I indulged in this pass time I would never move forward.  I would never leap into the unknown. There were so many doubts but there was a knowing that this time I must trust, no matter what the outcome may be.  

My parents were surprised by the call.  But, not as surprised as I was on how they went along with what I just said.  I needed to visit home but quickly without much time for planning. Why they asked?  “I was guided to go there.” There was silence at the other end that seemed to last forever but seconds later there was unconditional approval.  Dad was ready to buy tickets and make all the arrangements for my travel.

Mom wanted more details but I couldn’t talk.  I was just about to start a class and a customer entered the dojo with a young child.   

My husband and kids were just as perplexed. Why did I have to go to PR?  What was the urgency? 

I asked my friend Nancy for a reading three weeks prior to mark the grand opening of the dojo but events had a way of interfering.  The dojo was only weeks old and I was dying. There was no business. Maybe Nancy could shed some light on what was going on. Friday morning we were supposed to meet.  But, Pow Wow, my spirit guide couldn’t wait.

Nancy and I have been receiving guidance from him for two years.  Wednesday night he wouldn’t let Nancy go back to sleep until she communicated a message to me.  His energy was powerful and frightening but he assured Nancy that no harm would fall upon her.

It’s very early in the morning, on May 10, 2006.  I get this desperate text message from Nancy.

“Mel. You must call me. Pow Wow is with me. He has kept me up all night and won’t let me go to sleep. Mel. I need to speak with you”.

What? How usual!  Why is Pow Wow contacting Nancy?  I called her right away.

“What’s going on Nancy”?, I said.

“I have a reading for you. Pow Wow’s energy is so powerful, he was scaring me. He agreed to back down but only after I promised to pass on a message to you. He said that you must pursue your passion, the passion that exists in your heart. Be open to what you have learned and discovered. Go to the heart and the core of things and be Universal. Go with your gut and climb high. Don’t be afraid of being yourself. Work on the meditative techniques, and on the idea of a Holistic Spa similar to Edgar Cayce’s Temple Beautiful.  I must give you this message. I will be allowed not, forbidden to sleep until you receive this reading. Pow Wow has come as your guide and so have the horses, in this life experience. Stay open to a center like a Hindi temple with water and relaxation. You must allow to demonstrate your passion, allow what you are, who you are”.

We then agreed to meet later that day. When I arrived at her house, I reluctantly requested another reading to help clarify the one she gave me over the phone. Here it is goes:

Pow Wow is saying ‘he is not negative’ (tongue in cheek).  Nancy is pointing out that there is a strong power located way above. He is with a pipe standing in front of us.

“The ghost of holy waters rest in a tomb that is from a past, supporting the present life personality. You will find this tomb since there are writings on the tomb, markings that look like hieroglyphics. This is your burial site from a past life.

There is an imminent reason as to why you should search for it in the rainforest, and to find the final destination in order to execute. You will find it on a step, where the slippery water path meets, the green leaf is large and next to it is a coqui.

In a field there is a pipe, you have the golden pipe. You have the second level of meditation. You will be met by three men in black jackets. Be careful, you should fear them. Don’t get attached.

Also, you must go and observe the young people. See them in a setting, schedule the setting. Don’t think about it. Think afterwards.

Teach relaxation. Further your studies. You will find in the rainforest what you need to do. Circle – guided through the forest. Circle is getting bigger and bigger. Many circles”.

Pow Wow is showing us big red feathers.

We have to go to Puerto Rico. The reading was somewhat difficult to understand but we knew that it was important.  How do you convince your family that you haven’t somehow lost your mind? From our perspective, we had to go to El Yunque, the rainforest. We also had to schedule an appointment with a nursery school in Puerto Rico. The instructions were to schedule the appointment and observe. The answers as to why will become evident when we go along.   I also felt that we had to go to my family farm in the mountains of Cayey. Even if it was not stated in the reading, I felt very strongly about it.

We arrived in PR April 19th at  1 am.  After greeting my parents,  I desperately wanted to go to sleep,  a task that was difficult the last few days.  But, sleep would not come to the weary. I was so wired up.  There was so much energy around me that I barely closed my eyes that night.


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