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  • July 26, 2019

Chapter 25 – Getting To Know Leo (2009-2013)

I remember hearing so much about Leo before and after he officiated the ceremony in Charco Azul. Every time I asked who he was, there would be silence. As if the people who knew him intimately really didn’t have the proper way of describing him.

All I know is that the Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s of the Sacred Circle of Borike, saw him as their teacher and as a very gifted healer. But if you asked him, he would say, “I am Leo. That’s it.”, with his heavy Puerto Rican accent. What also distinguished him was the depth and tone of his voice, which had this piercing, yet soothing resonance; not to mention what an attractive and distinguished looking man he is.

Over the years, after getting to know Leo, I now understand the pause and silence. He is a gifted healer. He won’t call himself a shaman or a healer or anything of the kind since he feels he doesn’t have the certification or wasn’t taught by a tribe to be a medicine person. But make no mistake, his attempt to stay humble doesn’t diminish the incredible capacity of this man to heal with his hands and with the energy that he taps into.

After the ceremony, I approached him to see if he was interested in visiting NY. I offered to help host him with my friend Evelyn. His first trip to NY was unbelievable. People came from all over to see him. In two short weeks, Leo saw over 35 clients.

There are many stories about how he has helped people. I share a few testimonials here in order to give this beautiful and gifted man the recognition he deserves. The people who gave these testimonials wrote them after speaking with me at length about how Leo changed their lives.


For the last 18 years, Leo has been using his hands to heal. With love and a pure heart, and with Divine guidance, he channels energy through his hands for the purpose of healing. The healings are beautiful and profound and can be spiritual, emotional or physical in nature – it depends on what each person needs. All who have experienced his amazing hands knows he is a true gift.


My name is Howard Gosin. I’m 68 years of age and I was born in Brooklyn, NY. As for my roots, the streets of Brooklyn taught me honor, education and pragmatism. These were the rules of becoming a successful person. I ended up as an entrepreneur being involved in many businesses. Like a dentist, doctor, lawyer or businessperson, my being was molded into a man with a boring and
pragmatic approach to life. After several years I became depressed. I looked to outside sources for warmth, confidence and animation. My wife and I weren’t getting along and my children suffered. I thought it was time for change. We decided to part ways. She thought I was involved in a mid-life crisis. And then again it was. I was now searching for difference. I met a woman that had similar qualities to me yet they were different. We both read similar work, appreciated similar art, and enjoyed communicating. The difference was she was not pragmatic. She followed her instinct of tribal lore, shamanic lore, medium lore and many other emotional dogma’s that most people won’t believe in. This woman, angelic as she was, allowed me for the first time to actually fall in love with a woman. She brought her friends into my life. Each one a different spirit and with a strong love for people and life. One person that she introduced me to and had a most important effect on my life is Leo.
You could just look into his face and see the love of G-d. Something I would never think of when I was younger. His warmth, his love and his energy are nothing short of a miracle. I decided to have him in my home and host him for people that we knew outside of this domain. People came with all sorts of ailments. And each one lied on his table and were worked on to a point were Leo was exhausted and the person was elated. He even did sessions on me, the old pragmatist. Working on my head and my body, which was riddled with Parkinson. And when I walk off the table I felt like I was 20 years old again. My breathing was different along with my Spirit and Soul. A lot of my burden was gone. In conclusion, Leo is a man of few words but he can do more for the human heart, soul and body than a hospital of people. Please take my recommendation and use him for his unusual approach to helping you heal.

Howard Gosin
November 2013


This was my first experience with energy healing. Leo made me feel comfortable and open to this new experience. It was transforming as Leo’s healing process took me deep. I felt the effects psychologically and physically. I am still feeling the energy a week later. I want to thank you from my heart for last week’s session. Your ability as a healer and transformer of energy impacted me strongly. When I arrived I was not feeling well with several medical conditions (back pain, diabetes, ulcerative colitis) and emotional upsets. During the session, amazing and beautiful bursts of color came forth and I felt intense warmth over the physical areas that cause me difficulty. The energy awakened my entire being and I felt the energy working, cleansing, and healing. I left feeling energized and happier.

Mary Ann C.
November 2013

To those who are lucky enough to meet with Leo please note he is a beautiful man with many gifts. I jokingly call him the rotor rooter man of the soul. He is able to connect to a deep place and facilitate healing energies that move and assist you in releasing blocks that have kept you stuck physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Enjoy him while you can.

With Love,


Leo is a gifted healer and a testament to a loving, spiritual being and man. My last session with him, took me to a deep state of peace, where I felt the energy he was working with, helped me release the blocks to my being in a complete state of acceptance of myself. He worked in helping me release the
energy trapped in my throat, as I was coughing during the session. I recognized that it was connected to my own fears of speaking my truth in life. I felt his gentle presence and love during the entire session as he worked silently and diligently to balance my state. I recognized that he works with higher beings of light that were present during my session and felt many hands working on my body and balancing my energy. At the end of the session, he offered me words of encouragement and love, that pierced me deeply. A message that we can all benefit from hearing – that we are all beings of love and light. That we are beautiful just the way we are. That the unique voice of our essence is important and that we are God’s greatest expression as our unique expression of self. I recommend Leo for a healing of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature. We need more healers like Leo to grace this planet.

New York

Thanks for the opportunity to comment on the subject. I have experienced different forms of alternative medicine (e.g., acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.), meditation (mindfulness and mindlessness), etc., in the past.

And I must say that my experience with Leonardo compares positively with any of those previously mentioned. If not, this experience was of a higher quality and with better, more tangible results.
After the session, I felt lighter. As if weight was removed from my shoulders. There was a sensation of peace, quiet and tranquility that I haven’t felt in years. Negative emotions or thoughts seem far away now and my head is much more clear. It’s as if a field of positive energy is now surrounding me. During the session, Leonardo took me to the right state of consciousness. There was a channeling. Then, at the end, back to the here and now; I would certainly recommend going through this experience to anyone who wants to feel and sense what I just described.



In December of 2001, I landed in the Hospital in the last phases of terminal HIV. I had a bacteria lodged in my brain, Anemia, I weighed 60 lbs, etc… I found myself in the most deteriorated state….all skin and bones. I resigned to the Will of the Father. Of the first people who came to visit me in the Hospital was Leo with a mutual friend. This is when I met him but I couldn’t see him
because I was so ill. What I can tell you is: Even if I can remember all the Love that he transmitted to me without a word, every time he placed his hands over me it’s as if all my pain came to a stop and I entered a profound sensation of Peace.

It was a different intervention. I know that through Him he was preparing me for what was to come. Afterwards, I was placed in a Home to spend my last days, there also was Leo. Each time my body responded to the stimulus of Peace and of the relief of pain. I will always be eternally grateful. In 2002 I came out of the terminal stages, and the illness was in remission.

Today I am 51 years old, and I am perfectly well. I understood that all things in life are a process to meet a purpose and I am meeting my purpose. “Thank you Leo, I desire that we see each other soon. Receive a strong embrace from me….”

Jose M. Morales


I met Leo 17 years ago, during which time I have witnessed the Great Transformations and Miracles of Healing, that through his Hands, His Words, his Humility and his Heart has touched the Lives of hundreds of people. From lymphatic cancer, Asthma, Depression, Cancerous Tumors (to the surprise of the oncologist they disappear), HIV, heart disease and in this way I can continue to make a very long list of conditions that have actually disappeared.

In reference to my Mom, they wanted to operate her for a massive infection that lasted months. Only one Healing session was enough to eliminate any need for intervention. How marvelous!

I am grateful to Life for the opportunity to know Leo, a Server, a Warrior and a Man that the Universe, which is God, is blessed with his Hands. A legacy that has been at everyone’s disposition and for those whose Hearts are open to the desire to feel and be WELL. “From my Heart to yours, Thank you for you.”

Cielo/San Juan, Puerto Rico


I am Lilivette Pappaterra, a Puerto Rican and a resident of northern New Jersey. I have had asthma since I was a young girl that can sometimes be very severe. A few years ago, I heard talk of Leo through my sister, who explained to me the gift of healing that Leo possesses through his positive, love-filled energy. I decided to meet him and receive that healing energy through him. I felt as if a large weight detached itself from my body and I had some asthma symptoms (as if the condition fought to stay attached to my body) and a few minutes later, even though I was slightly weak, I felt light and in total control of my breathing, without wheezing in my chest and with the respiratory liberty that I had not felt for a long time.

My asthma condition has greatly improved, and I have not had to go to the hospital. When some symptoms arise I can control them rapidly and can even tolerate and enjoy having a dog that is already a part of my family. Leo, I love you with all my heart and I will always be grateful to you and to God for putting this beautiful gift of healing and positive energy within you.

Love, Lilivette Pappaterra (Lily)

I had a session with Leo this June while on a spiritual retreat in Puerto Rico. I came in with some pressure in my chest which I knew was emotional in nature. Leo placed his hands on my head first and I immediately fell into a calm and relaxed state. I had a feeling that I was in the hands of a loving soul who desired to heal others. He was tuned in to me and told me that I was holding a lot of
feelings in my heart chakra and that I am a person who sees others and doesn’t see myself. I wasn’t aware of what feelings I was holding on to as I am more of an intellectual person that analyzes everything. Until suddenly as Leo spoke I felt a rush of energy enter my chest area and the pressure in my chest increased until I could no longer hold it. Eventually it found its way to my throat where I let out an enormous primal scream followed by a great crying and releasing that left me feeling completely free. I was able to feel the feelings that were accumulated, feelings of sadness and grief carried over for years. As a caretaker and healer myself I often help others release their emotions in a safe environment and put myself on hold or hold in my own feelings. What Leo did for me was to work on me energetically and allow for an emotional release to occur that could help me be free of that holding on. I saw myself as a bird released into flight. Leo then continued to clear all my chakras and when he was finished, I stood up feeling as if I was waking up from a sleep that lasted decades. The work was deep, energetic, emotional and powerful. He is a true healer with a natural
intuitive ability to read the client’s state and needs. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a way to move to health and well being on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Liz Jones, Long Island, NY


“I lived just to live, filled with routines, pains, fears, angers, frustrations and in an intimate relationship where I felt alone. All my pain, I held inside. I would have wanted to cry more and fight less. Until in 2003, I was diagnosed with a tumor mass in my left lung. I had already made some small steps toward finding meaning in my life, when my cousin told me about Leo. She said, “I know this person that has a gift to heal with his hands” and I interrupted her asking, “When? Where? Of course I want and need healing!”

My first contact with Leo was over the phone, and when I heard his voice, a current of love ran through my being. I received him in my home, I surrendered, I allowed to be guided without any resistance, without doubts I closed my eyes and started to open my heart to Divine Love through his hands. He showed the willingness and disposition to offer his heart and his hands to transmit healing, balancing and liberating energy. I felt currents, heat, colors, tears and peace. I declare that my lung is completely healed, there is no tumor and my Pneumologist commented to me: “I have no doubt that you received this spiritual healing because in less then a month the tumor is no longer there and this can’t be accomplished with medications.” There are no words that can describe this
marvelous experience with such a humble being, loving, full of patience, sympathy and honesty with his fellow beings. I was inspired by my friend Leo to continue not only healing my physical body but also my emotional, spiritual and astral bodies. It’s our individual work to honor and live from the energy of Love, which moves ALL. Light your flame of faith, open up and the love of God
Father/Mother with work through our dear friend Leo. Thank you for the opportunity to share my healing experience. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Carol, Puerto Rico

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