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  • By : Melisa
  • July 26, 2019

Chapter 24 – Letter To The Academy – My Angel Made Of Clay (April 2009)

Not long ago, we spoke in a meeting about having the courage to share from our inner worlds… what comes to us from our states of presence and  love. I wrote this poem after being in the Academy for three months. It was a time when I was trying to find my song, one gifted to me from our Earth Mother….going as far as sitting on a egg buried deep in the frozen earth.  It felt like C-Influence was molding me…teaching me… I then had a dream that a flute in the shape of an angel would be my song, my voice….


My Angel  Made of Clay

My Teacher handed me a block of clay
And joyfully instructed me how to play.
With glee and hope I thumbed away
Hoping to see a glimpse of my Angel made of Clay.

Upon my Teachers return, my sheepish smile betrayed
The less than perfect mess before my eyes displayed..
Afraid to look upon His disappointed eyes
Lalu peeked only to find compassion, Love Divine

Lalu, sweet Lalu!
Practice your technique He said.
So I carved and thumbed and scraped away
Hoping to see a glimpse of my Angel made of Clay.

Time was not important for I practiced day and night
As long as He believed in me, the end was in sight.
Eureka! Behold my Angel made of Clay
It’s a flute gifted to me so my song I can play!

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